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"All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness."
Eckhart Tolle

Tammy Watt | Tree Portraits


Canadian artist Tammy Watt was born in Stratford, Ontario and moved to Calgary, Alberta in 1978. She is a

graduate of the Bachelor of Education program with a major in Fine Arts from the University of Calgary and

of the Master of Arts in Education program from the University of Phoenix.


She has worked for the Calgary Board of Education since 1998 as an Elementary Generalist, a Secondary Art

Teacher, Learning Leader and Strategist in Indigenous Education, and now as a Fine and Performing Arts Specialist.

Tammy was the 2013 recipient of the Alberta Provincial Affiliate Award (Excellence in Art Education) from the

Canadian Society for Education through Art, and a semi-finalist of the Excellence in Teaching Awards from the Government of Alberta.


Tammy owns a boutique art selling business called, Beacon Original Art, which provides a professional space for emerging, mid-career and professional artists to sell their artworks in Calgary. Her work is displayed in public and private spaces in Canada and the United States.


Artist Statement: 

I paint to feel more alive, more energetic and more spiritually connected to something greater than myselfI envision my projects but understand that when my loaded brush hits the canvas my paintings take on a life all of their own. I try to stay out of my head and let the decisions come from a divine source. My work is always with me, moving and eager to find its way into the world. I aspire to let life feed my art and to remain open, receptive and responsive to the moment.  I work with acrylic paint and take pleasure in the challenges of design fundamentals and colour relationships. 

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